Saturday, 28 May 2011

Lascar seafarers' website

Lascar (Asian) seafarers were a huge percentage of the UK's merchant navy but their history is very hidden. A friend's just tipped me off to an excellent website about them:

In particular there is a P&O internal document from 1900, as well as some little-known articles from 1913, 1931,1955 and 1957 written from a range of (seemingly white British) viewpoints.

Trouble is, the site has not been changed since 2003 - which suggests to me that it hasn't had the responses it deserves. The author invites people to contribute their stories, links etc. So it would be great if we did so, and made this site the main lively source for information about men who have too long been denigrated as cowardly, dirty etc.

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