Wednesday 15 June 2016

Celebrating pioneering women at sea

Never have so many pioneering women seafarers come together in two places - and on historic ships too.

Launch parties for my book, From Cabin "boys" to Captains: 250 years of women at sea brought so many together:
# in Southampton on June 4 on the SS Shieldhall on the Solent (
# on June 13 on the Glenlee on the Clyde.(

You can get more information can be seen on the book's own facebook site:
But here are some of the photos. And more pictures are to follow.


Captain Clare Holmes takes the SS Shieldhall down the Solent for a cruise after our launch party.


Left to right: Anne Madsen James, one of the earliest women chief engineers; Nina Baker, BP's first woman deck cadet; Alistair, Nina's partner; Liz Allen, volunteer rigging expert on the Tall Ship; Linda Forbes, Scotland's first ever woman deck cadet; Captain Barbara Campbell, master of the 'Lord Nelson'; Chris, Barbara's partner; Fiona Rush, deck officer who made the transition from hotel-side work.
Anne and Liz have sailed with Captain Barbara.
Anne, Nina, Linda, Barbara and Fiona feature in the book.
Me, Fiona Rush and Captain Barbara Campbell, photo courtesy of Fiona Rush.