Friday 30 January 2009

Hello Sailor opens in Newcastle

The Hello Sailor exhibition opened in Tyne & Wear's Discovery Museum on Jan 27 . It looked great, because it had more space than has been available in other places, and because local material was added.
(see pictures below and right, courtesy of DD)

Ex-seafarer John Wodehouse and Paul Mann, as well as Greta La More (who worked in pubs used by seafarers) gave objects and stories. Museum workers Christine Hutchinson and Sarah Cotton included them in the exhibition: new panels, audio extracts, a uniform, a discharge book and souvenirs, such as John's precious Queen Mary glass goblet.

My favorite bit was after all the punters had gone home. The bunk in
the cabin set had been made up incorrectly. Blankets are customarily
folded and laid on top of the mattress, not tucked in, so that the occupant can make a quick escape if the ship starts sinking. John got into his old role and sorted out the bedding properly, as our photos by Mary Hesling show.