Wednesday 1 March 2017

Women make waves, London, March 11.

This is to announce a day of events at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK. I'm not involved, so please contact the organisers, not me, with queries.

Discover the stories of incredible women who made waves, some of whom you’ve probably never heard of!

Celebrate the lives and achievements of women whose adventures and stories have been lost to history:
~ women like Ching Shih (who may have been one of the most powerful pirates in history), better known as Ching Yih Sao

~ Phillis Wheatley (the first published African-American female poet)
~ Jeanne Baret (the first woman to have completed a circumnavigation of the world)
~ many others.

Become a curator for the day and put together your own mini-exhibition of the pioneering women who made waves.
And join us at noon in the Queen’s House for a dance performance inspired by our female portraits, choreographed and performed by girls from Sydenham High School.