Tuesday 15 September 2009

Hello Sailor exhibition opens in Glasgow

Hello Sailor! Gay Life on the Ocean Wave, opened in style in Glasgow.
Over 70 were at the launch party at the Tall Ship in Glasgow Harbour, on Friday 4 September 2009 - the biggest number to ever attend an opening night there. I got to cut a pink satin ribbon to declare the exhibition open, which was great fun (that's me, to the right of Lisa Gaston, education officer).
The staff had made a big effort. The hospitality staff had dressed specially in pink, and served rose wine and cranberry. One said 'I've been up and down all Dumbarton Road looking for pink serviettes too.' Never mind, it went off well.

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Nina Baker said...

I couldnt get to the launch party unfortunately as I would have loved to have met you. I am Glasgow based now but in my young years was the UK's first female deck cadet and was at sea for 7 years in tankers and cargo boats.

My cadet journal in in the NMS if you were ever so minded.