Thursday 4 October 2018

Toxic maritime masculinity: a conference

After working on the gendered seas for so long I'm very interested that at last there's to be a conference on how exploring maritime masculinity and how it can damage. The April 2019 online conference is organised by

The link is Here's a taster:

"Perceptions, depictions, expressions and performances of masculinity are an important part of maritime topics and have been discussed, for example, at the “Maritime Masculinities” conference held at Oxford Brookes University in 2016.

"For this conference, we are seeking to discuss the influence of the concept of ‘toxic masculinities’ on the history and interpretation of maritime history.

"We invite papers that explore the ways in which standard forms of masculinity have obscured the interpretation of maritime histories, or ways in which standards of masculinity had a negative impact on the lives, strategic effectiveness, leadership, and relationships of men or women with connections to maritime service. This conference is designed to be interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary, global and span all of history.

Subjects for the Conference may include but are not limited to:

~ Hagiography, the making of naval heroes
~ Emotions, masculinity, and warfare
~ Punishment and Discipline
~ Leadership
~ Male relationships in close confines
~ The pitfalls of maritime historiography
~ Maritime social rituals (Equator crossing, superstitions, etc.)
~ Sea shanties, films, theatre, and literature
~ Port towns and communities
~ Identity and nationhood

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